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It is such a busy time when a new baby arrives, and although you want to record your baby at this moment it is hard to get the time to do it. So it is really worthwhile organising a session at home, where everybody is relaxed and it is easy to work around naps and feeds. On the back of these sessions I have some top tips for a newborn session.

When is the best time to do a newborn shoot?

If you are looking for a newborn look. When they are sleepy and curled up. I would advise to do it between 1-3 weeks. Particularly if you want to get those sleepy shots and if you want to use some of the props. However, if you are not set on that type of image, it is fine to wait until they are a little older, up to 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks they can be a little bit fussier. However, they will look more like themselves and you can get some beautiful images with a smile or 2 for their mum and dad.

What do I need?

It is always best to have the baby fed and changed, if you can, so that we don’t have to break for feeding during the session. It is worth having a spare set of clothes at hand, in case there are any accidents. If you are looking for some bare skin photos, it is worth having the heating on and the house warm, little babies can get very upset when they get cold (I don’t blame them!!). If your baby uses a soother, have that at hand too, to help settle them.

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