Posed Baby Photos

Posed newborn baby photos involve carefully arranging and capturing images of a newborn in various adorable and creative poses. I position the baby in a curled up fetal position, using various props, blankets and accessories to add a little charm to the image, while keeping it very simple. I also include parents and siblings, capturing moments of interaction and bonding. I never forget to capture the tiny details of fingers, toes and eyelashes.

Lifestyle Baby Photos

Lifestyle baby photography sessions focus on capturing natural and candid moments of a baby’s life in a relaxed and familiar environment. These sessions aim to document the everyday moments, expressions, and interactions that make up the family dynamic. I use your living space, bedroom and nursery. I use natural light and focus on everyday moments, as well as some relaxed posed shots. The session includes parents and siblings

Family Photos

A family photography session can be a wonderful way to capture special moments and create lasting memories. The goal is to capture the unique essence of your family, so don’t be afraid to let your personalities shine during the session. Enjoy the process and the time spent together!