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Communion Portrait Session

I run communion photography sessions in your home or on location, for you to record this time. I can do the session on the day of the ceremony or another day that suits you. I love natural portraits, using natural light at home or outdoors. This allows for communion photographs that are a change from a studio style. Kids can be kids, enjoy their day, and record it with lovely photographs.

What is the best time to have your communion photograph session?

This all depends on if you are doing the session on the day of the communion or another day.

On the day of the Communion?

If you want to do the session on the day of the communion and you have young siblings, I would advise to do it before the ceremony, while everyone is in good form, not needing naps and clean!! If your children are older and don’t need naps etc, then anytime on the day will work. Just keep in mind sessions are best when only those involved in the session are there. So if you have guests coming on the day, try to organise the session when they are not there. Many houses are stretched with setting up of an area for guests and bouncy castles taking over the garden. I can work around the smallest of areas but be aware of extra items that you might not want in the photo. If you want action packed images, with kids on a bouncy castle that can be done, but if you don’t please make it clear in your booking form. A local park can be a great alternative, the background is spacious, neutral and you are away from your guests, allowing you to relax for your photos.

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