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Family lifestyle photography

I like to think of lifestyle photography as natural relaxed portrait photography. It is led by the family, where they interact, chat and play through the session. It is in those moments you really see the personalities.

Why opt for a Lifestyle photography session?

It really is a matter of taste, if you want formal studio images then it is not for you. However, if you like images that tell a story, record a time in your family’s life, then this is perfect. It is based more as a fly on the wall, using natural light and relaxed families. These sessions are quick and fun and suit young families that don’t have the time to travel to the studio and feel their children would lose interest in a studio session.

Can I still get family portraits?

I always still take a couple of more formal looking images, using a plain wall or simple outdoor space. This does allow you to get a real mix in your gallery.

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